Document Translation

We offer a comprehensive set of translation services, from a one page letter, to technical, legal, medical documents to HR handbooks, our team of translators is ready to start your project.

Our Services

An overview

Offering a competitive rate and the highest standards in the industry, we will make sure you get the value at an affordable price, let us know about your project to customize your quote and TAT.

With a translation project

Time is always of the essence

We have a team ready to start making your project a success, we work with a rigorous standard and commitment to make sure you get your documents translated on time.

  • 1 to 4 pages
    rate by the page.
  • 4 + pages
    rate by the word.

As needed

If your company has a constant need for document translation, you can send your documents to us, from a one page letter to hundreds of pages, We will be your translators on-call for when you need us.

One time translation

Even if you have one document to be translated, you can count on us to have it translated in a professional manner, send us an email and if possible, please attach you document to get a quote.

  • 1 to 4 pages
    Rate by the page.
  • 4 + pages
    Rate by the word.

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