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SEFLA Language School

SEFLA Languages is a language institute based in San Antonio, Texas. With more than 40 years of experience, our language school offers the most effective classes and courses of English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Arabic among other languages.

Our own proven methodology, and our attention to detail, created a reliable system. Learn a foreign language in person in our physical classrooms, or online virtually instructor-led with a live instructor.

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Language School Courses

English Courses

Learn and improve your English skills online or in person in our language school.  Enroll in a private or a small group English class.

Spanish Courses

Learn and improve your Spanish skills online or in person in our language school. Enroll in a private or a small group Spanish class.

Other Language Courses

Learn and improve a foreign language online or in person.  We offer Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, among others.

Private Courses

Move at your own pace with our one-on-one private language classes to reach your specific goals in our language school.

Group Courses

Learn and improve English or Spanish in our small group classes. We offer classes from beginner to advanced in the morning or in the evening.

Online Courses

Learn or improve English, Spanish, or any other language online from your home or office with our virtually instructor-led online courses with a live instructor. 

In-Person Courses

Learn or improve your language skills and enroll in a private or group class in our language school in San Antonio, Texas.

Corporate & Government Language Courses

Language Courses for Government

We have been offering High Intensity language courses to government and military organizations very successfully since 2006. Our language learning programs are known by consistently exceeding customers’ expectations, delivering quantifiable results.  

Our courses can also be contracted through our GSA Multiple Award Schedule.

Corporate Language Courses

Do your employees need a specific language course? We provide fully customized language programs for companies in a private (one on one) or small group setting.  Classes are conducted virtually instructor-led with a live instructor, or in person at our language school facilities in San Antonio, TX.

Language Services

Interpretation / Translation Services

We offer professional consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services.

Document Translation Services

We offer accurate, professional, and affordable document translation and proofreading services.

Medical Interpreter

Medical training certificate to be able to provide medical interpretations.